Baby Flag Punk is a collection of 200 unique NFTs that will allow you to play Flag Punk game. Every NFTs will consist of seven copies and each one lets you govern 1/7 proportion of that country’s piece of land. You will lead these lands by playing different games which will be announced soon. Expand your borders and rule the world.



What is the Baby Flag Punk project?

Baby Flag Punk is a play-to-earn game project which will be published on Opensea. Every country will be divided to 7 equal parts and owners of these countries will govern them. According to the game results, owners will capture or forfait some part of the lands. In this way, your NFTs can be more valuable. After the mint, more details about the game will be published.

Where can I buy Baby Flag Punk?

Baby Flag Punk will be available on

How many pieces will the collection be?

200 Unique Baby Flag Punks. Each NFT will have a different country flag.

What BlockChain are these minted on?


How much is a Baby Flag Punk?

Each NFT is going to consist of 7 copies. The price will increase gradually and be between 0.03eth and 0.15eth.